by Ryan Bardo

I want to take a moment this morning and address web analytics. In my experience I”ve come across quite a few companies that do not implement web analytics on their websites, but still want to compete online. Without a web analytics package you are driving blind and will fail at any campaign you try to implement. The first thing any company trying to establish an online presence should do is install analytics on their site.

The data that is collected through web analytics paints a picture of how users behave on your website. Understanding how users behave on a website allows you to construct successful campaigns and site content that yields conversions.

A web analytics package can be customized to capture the data that aligns with business goals. The data collected is powerful for any business and can be implemented at very little cost. Any company can access Google Analytics, which is free and very effective. There is a significant time investment for installing the software and learning how to use it properly. However, Google offers free tutorials on how to install and use their software. Listed below is a list of other analytics suites that are free and paid applications.