Digital + creative healthcare marketing. Reimagined.

Two expert resources, one common goal. A healthy bottom line for your healthcare organization.

Together, Myriad Core and Route 1A Advertising are a tight-knit team of healthcare experts working cohesively and diligently to enhance your brand presence, improve consumer perception and, most importantly, grow your patient volume.

Myriad Core—SEO and SEM designed specifically for the healthcare industry

Founded in 2008, Myriad Core is led by Adam Yakish, a ten-year veteran of digital in healthcare. Over the years, Myriad Core has stood up comprehensive digital campaigns, mitigated critical search engine results loses, organized Google Maps locations for networks, and built many healthcare business websites- both large and small.

Today, Myriad Core is a tight-knit group of specialists that delivers high-impact projects its customers. We currently provide website construction, maintenance services, and digital marketing services to hospitals, hospital networks, physician networks, specialists, online stores, and medical manufacturers that supply some of the world’s largest healthcare brands.

Route 1A Advertising—Full-service, results-oriented healthcare marketing

With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, Route 1A Advertising has been sought out by local, regional and national clients to produce thought provoking, perception-shifting campaigns to increase consumer awareness and influence change.

For nearly two decades, we have forged relationships with a multitude of healthcare-specific clients from small community hospitals to niche caregiver facilities to large metropolitan health systems.

We have developed numerous high-profile, multi-faceted campaigns designed to elevate brand awareness, build consumer loyalty and meet the growing and changing healthcare needs within the communities our clients serve. Our creative services are inclusive of print, digital/web, television/video/radio, outdoor and more.