by Adam Yakish

Over the weekend, I was thinking about the time I spent on the road doing electric work prior to attending the University. There was a Creed of sorts that you would hear being merrily sung up and down the cold, concrete halls of a hospital renovation, or a library nearing completion…and it went like this: “We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible, for the ungrateful, with so little, for so long, that we are now qualified to do anything, with almost nothing (paraphrased of course from the Mother Teresa of Calcutta). The point is that whether you’re harnessed to a lift twelve stories in the air, or sitting in a warm office on eight, you should know that some, if not many, think of you as a kind of magician. But consumers beware, if you’re looking for the sort of magic that involves spending 4k over six months and earning 20 or 30k in new business, I fear there is no show for that. There’s plenty of agencies out there selling the dream and delivering the nightmare, no doubt about it. But the story’s the same online as it is offline…if it sounds funky, surely it is. And if you want to double or triple revenue, you should be either willing to spend the time and money we have all had to spend for those results, or stand in front of a cauldron with a wand and a goat horn for three or four hours, when the moon is red and the wuthering wind whistles from the east.