This past Thursday, LinkedIn launched a social news service called LinkedIn Today. The service,aimed at LinkedIn’s 90 million+ business-focused users, is a news aggregation product.
LinkedIn Today seeks to create a news destination for professionals by displaying popularheadlines that are relevant to the user. Each user is shown news and stories that have been sharedor commented on by their friends and connections within their industry.
Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn, Liz Reaves Walker, had this to say, “You know and trustmost of your connections and coworkers, so if they share an article, it’s a good signal that it’ssomething you should be paying attention to.”
Users aren’t limited to just their connections’ shared headlines. Each user can customize theirown unique news experience by choosing from 22 industry feeds, including Real Estate andTechnology. Furthermore, subscribers are able to ‘follow’ specific news outlets from within thechosen industries, such as Financial Times and Mashable.
Today, the social giant takes aim at the mobile industry with the launch of LinkedIn Today’siPhone application. Similar to the online product, iPhone application v 3.6 enables professionalsto use their iPhones to access top news shared by the industry peers whether they are in the officeor on the go. The application also allows iPhone users to save articles to read at a later time.Watch LinkedIn Today’s YouTube video here.