Three months ago, Google released an expansive application suite for government, businesses,and education institutions. Specific to non-profit education institutions is the fact that the coreapplication services are completely free. The core services include customized Gmail, sharedcalendars, video chat, Google Docs, Google Sites, and more.
Google now seeks to fortify the depth of their application services with a brand new GoogleApps Certification Program. Available globally, the Program helps EDU’s and other entitiesrecognize professional service providers whose expertise includes Google Apps configurationand deployment.
Google is taking the Program quite seriously. The final exam lasts several hours and consistsof one hundred or so multiple choice questions covering a host of topics. The exam is taken ona learning platform that locks computer activity outside of the test itself and is monitored bya Google representative via a special webcam that needs to be purchased by the certification candidate.
EDU’s have a considerable opportunity to save IT dollars and increase productivity throughGoogle’s free Education Applications. Thousands of institutions have already made the move,and it is expected that Google will continue to grow the service’s capacity and support. To browse a list of EDU case studies, click here.