patient acquisition and increased web traffic

Boosting Patient Acquisition Capabilities for Healthcare Websites

Consumers often take several actions on their journeys to becoming patients. They may research specific symptoms they’re experiencing in an attempt to self-diagnose, or they may wish to understand a condition better and prepare for treatment. Several digital interactions may occur throughout this process, which is why healthcare providers must continuously work to increase web […]

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national health record

Is a National Health Record the Key to Improved Patient Safety

Patient safety is the culmination of policies and practices healthcare companies utilize to reduce preventable harm. Despite the significant strides the healthcare industry has made to improve patient safety, there are still several areas for improvement. Data availability, medication errors, and knowledge of important health events are all areas where patient safety is still lacking. […]

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how emerging technologies will benefit EHRs

How Emerging Technologies Will Benefit EHRs

The digitization of healthcare expects to bring more personalized, efficient care at lower costs. However, this transition has also created some challenges as the healthcare industry works to embrace emerging technologies These challenges are especially apparent to clinicians, who find the reporting requirements of EHRs to be particularly burdensome. Not only do these demands limit […]

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deliver better healthcare outcomes with cloud

Deliver Better Healthcare Outcomes with Cloud

The cloud’s reputation as a place to store data has become somewhat outdated. While data storage is the central function of the cloud, it’s evolved to include tools that bring agility, innovation, and financial benefits to the healthcare industry. Security fears initially kept major healthcare companies from making the jump, but improved security is now […]

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