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Google Map Management

Get your network in order. We have developed a model for organizing, editing, and managing Google Maps listings for healthcare businesses. Our model takes existing web technology available from Google, and leverages it as the powerful software it is meant to be. Through this technique, we can deliver a highly valuable maps package that our customers can use in many ways for decades to come.

Network Combines Eight Practices

Service Line SEO

What is the probability that a search for “interventional cardiologist in Baltimore” will return a doctor from your group? What is the probability that someone will click on your brand’s result? We have a resounding answer- Increase the probability of a click by increasing the number of times your brand is returned on a results page. We can create control of a search page and in doing so establish an enhanced perception of your brand while increasing the engagement of your search results.

Thousands Erased from Google Index

User Experience Optimization

Good data and good analysts yield accurate predictions. That is the mantra we live by. Our specialists are analytics certified and have been studying online behavior for years. We not only help you better understand your customers and their behavior, we deliver high-impact optimization of site KPI’s through advanced analytics and experiment implementation.

Mammogram Optimization

Website Projects

Myriad Core currently manages some of the largest healthcare business websites in the region. We cut our teeth proving that small teams can have a big impact, and today that is evidenced by the performance and reliability of our customer’s sites. We have years of experience optimizing existing sites for performance and security, as well standing up brand-new sites using a workflow that we’ve spent our entire careers perfecting.

Speed Optimization Increases Conversions

Google Adwords

We are a Google Certified agency that actively manages campaigns for customers across the Google network. Our campaign managers are required to maintain their credentials through comprehensive Google testing and by maintaining Google mandated performance requirements. Staying on the cutting-edge, we knowledgably leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to run the most competitive and advanced campaigns known to the industry.

Google Certified Adwords Agency